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Note: Seeds that are started indoors are allowed to germinate indoors and then immediately move to the cold frame.

Mid to late February:
-Put all cold frame and place it on an area of the garden where the warm season crops will be cultivated. This will give time for all plants to maturity in the cold frame before removal.

Week last in February or the first week of March:
-Start the seeds indoors lettuce. Exact date will vary depending on weather conditions.
-When time permits, emptying two composters and place on a 1 to 2 cm layer of compost on all garden beds.

First or second week of March:
-Start seeds of celery, cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts indoors.

Third week of March:
-Start the seeds of peppers and tomatoes indoors.

First week of April:
-Onion seedlings flyers arrive by mail and are planted directly in the garden.
-Transplant seedlings of lettuce out in the garden under Hoop House if seedlings are big enough. They are usually large enough when they begin just to get their second set of true leaves.

Second week of April:
-Continue to transplant seedlings of lettuce out in the garden under the hoop when they become large enough.
-Plant the seeds of peas directly out in the garden

Third week of April:
-Transplantation, broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprout seedlings in the garden outside.
-Start of cucumber seeds in a cold frame.
-Planting of certified seed potatoes out in the garden.

Fourth week of April:
-Seedlings of tomato and pepper transplant into bigger pots.
-Start the lettuce seeds tolerant heat more like varieties head and Roman of butter inside.

First week of may:
-Start with some small leaves on your lettuce planted at the beginning of the harvest.
-Start to harvest green onions, if it is large enough. About half of the onions for green topsetting onions harvesting before plants become too large.
-Run a few several varieties of lettuce seeds outside on the covered back porch heat tolerant.
-Pot celery out in the garden
-Plant the seeds of maize directly out in the garden.

Second week of may:
-Remove the chassis cold and put aside until next spring.
-Transplant seedlings of peppers, tomato, and cucumber outside in the garden.
-Planting the seeds of Bush green beans and beans of lima pole directly outside in the garden.

Wow, take a break and start to harvest all the fresh vegetables!

Third or fourth week of June:
-Pull up the pea and replant with green bush beans.

First week of July:
-Start seeds fall broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage on the covered back porch.
-Not much else to do in the garden, so I'm Going Fishing!

Second week of July:
-Shoot to the top of cucumbers. At that time cucumbers are finished producing, most of the time. What seems to help the pepper plants that grow in nearby.

Third week of July:
-If the majority of the plant Onion Tops fell, pull them upwards and snap the wide Crown and let them dry/cure for approximately 10 days on screens in the vegetable garden, where they were grown.
-Pull up onions market/Egyptian and clip top and/or bottom bulbs higher setting and allow to dry until October.

First week of August:
-Seeds of green bush beans plant directly in the garden where the spring planted onions grew up.
-Transplant them outdoors in the garden, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. Make sure you keep these seedlings well
-Plant the seeds of carrot directly out in the garden. Keep the seedbed in the shade, if possible and well watered.

Second or third week of August:
-Bean plant bush in maize seed plot when the corn is done.
-Start the lettuce seeds to fall on the rear covered porch

Take a break! Pepper and tomato plants should produce a fine crop about now! Enjoy lazy afternoon late summer. You will find me much this time of year of fishing.

First or second week of September:
-Transplant seedlings of lettuce outside in the garden. Make sure you keep these well-watered seedlings!

Month of October:
-Keep a blanket to keep the Frost off the coast of late-planted beans.
-Plots lettuce and carrots covered with hoops to keep continue to grow throughout the fall. The harvest of lettuce as needed.
-Since heavy frost approaches, relate plant broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. This helps keep actively growing to harvest plants.
-Around the third or fourth week of October, pull the top of pepper plants and replant the area with topsetting Onion Tops which have been drying since late July. New green should growth be visible from these onions in 2 to 3 weeks.

Month of November:
-Cover surfaces unused gardens every 2 to 3 inches of shredded leaves.
-After the first hard frost, cover the onions topsetting with a thin layer of shredded leaves.
-Begin harvesting carrots when they ripen. Mulch leaves the bed of carrot with a layer of 1 inch of shredded tree.

Month of December:
-Complete the harvest of lettuce. If the weather remains relatively warm, expect to harvest lettuce almost throughout December.
-Finish the harvesting of carrots. In recent years, I have harvested carrots in early January.

Now, remove approximately two months. Use this time to plan for the garden next year. Don't forget to order your seeds early enough to have the time to start your spring garden.



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