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Ekobrew reusable Cup from Keurig

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Hi all

It has been a great year and that almost everyone was very pleased with the Ekobrew, were these occasional problems that need addressing. With that, I post this response to those who have problems with leaks, perforation and compatibility. We hope that this will help. We are passionate about our products as well as the customer service and I am very confident that if those who are experiencing problems will give us another chance, they will become fans.

There are three main issues that include people who have difficulty with the Ekobrew.

1. A leak
2. Drill
3 Compatibility

A leak: Too fine of a grind of coffee is the biggest problem when it comes to water leaking or residual. However, it is possible that you may have received an Ekobrew with a faulty seal. If the o-ring is slightly too small, that the seal isn't tight, or compromised in any way, the loss of internal pressure infusion will allow water and fine grind to escape to the House of the Ekobrew.

Perforation: You should never know the resistance when inserting the Ekobrew. If you feel everything, pull it back out, adjust the angle and reinsert it. The variation of the needle on some models of Keurig can be shifted by as much as 1/8th of an inch. If you find that your machine is one of extreme changes, turn the Ekobrew 180 degrees and try inserting the hinge toward the front. We staggered Ekobrew cavities in order to take account of this. Non-compliance, it is possible to drill the base of the Ekobrew with some machines.

Compatibility: The Ekobrew works with all compatible models K - Cup except B30 and B130, B150, B155.

If you have a problem with 1 or 2, we can send you either a replacement Ekobrew new and proven or we will issue you a full refund. Email us at: and please give your full name and mailing address if you wish to receive a new and tested Ekobrew. If you would like a full refund, please send us an email and attach a copy of your receipt with your name and first name and mailing address and we will refund your purchase price. If you have an incompatible (3) machine and just want to receive a full refund, please send us a copy of your receipt, your full name and mailing address and we will process the application immediately.

Please indicate which solution you prefer in your email subject line.

Thank you
Ekobrew customer service


Also... STAY TUNED! We are working on the videos made by professionals for troubleshooting. These should help new users get a clear picture on how to obtain optimal mixing of your Ekobrew.



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