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Non-alcoholic cocktails

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Let's face it: the former standards - root beer soda and water with a twist of lime - are annoying and more suitable for the under-20 crowd. On the other hand, offer a more exciting alternative to the Reliable Virgin old mocktails, also known as the mixed drinks non-alcoholic and can provide much savvy drinkers delicious benefits:

1. Less than calories
Alcoholic beverages, particularly mixed drinks sweet or concoctions fruity, frozen, can affix hearty calories to your daily count (and, if you are really drunk, lead to the food frenzy caused lack of discernment), adding up to excess weight in the long term.

The average drink one ounce of rum, vodka or whisky and juice or cola clocks in more than 200 calories. That in addition to two or three times during the evening and you will need to run an additional hour on the treadmill just for her burn!

Non-alcoholic cocktails, especially those flavoured with just a splash of juice and a soda club (including our Virgin Cosmo recipe below), can reduce the number of calories down to only 50 calories while providing lots of flavour.

However, keep in mind that not all non-alcoholic cocktails are low in calories. Consider something with more than two ounces of juice and sugar added off-limits for strict diet people, especially if you follow a low carbohydrate diet.

2. Less expensive
Alcoholic beverages, wines and spirits is expensive, with top-shelf drinks go for $ 20 in expensive bars and restaurants. Non-alcoholic cocktails cut out the more expensive ingredient - alcohol - whether you're making them from scratch or order on. This means that you get SIP a drink satisfactory and line your pockets with additional green while you're at it.

3. Higher nutrient
Non-alcoholic cocktails made with fresh juices or organic, such as pomegranate, orange, mangosteen, goji or acai offer plenty of antioxidants and vitamin C and no corn syrup in colas or syrupy drink mixers.

Using of extract of stevia leaf or instead of table sugar or agave syrup can also sweeten beverages while providing the body with more stable sweetener, diet-friendly. Mix in a handful of fruit in slices and you double your healthy enjoyment.

4. Everyone can take advantage of their
Pregnant women, people on specific drugs or suffering from chronic diseases, designated drivers, children and even the most ardent prohibitionist can all enjoy non-alcoholic cocktails, making your next party or dinner bringing together exceptionally appealing to drinkers and teetolers as well.

Just one or two non-traditional and non-alcoholic options for the party people on your guest list will be sincerely appreciated - especially if they are delicious that your guests who drink give up their beer for, say, another glass of sangria non-alcoholic.

Read the full article on non-alcoholic beverages: four essential non-alcoholic cocktails.


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