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Sometimes, it's worth saying and repeating things out loud, even if you think everyone already knows them.

Squidoo has changed the way people donate to charity online. Squidoo gives everyone a voice, and the opportunity to make (free) donations big and small, month in and month out, to organizations that matter. Always have, always will. That's one of our founding principles, one of the cornerstones of the company and the community.

For members and onlookers new and seasoned alike, here's a quick cheatsheet about how it all works.

Squidoo is a publishing platform that lets real people make real pages about topics, ideas, people, and products that matter to them.
The best pages ("lenses") have unique, useful, updated content on them, full of pictures and videos and links and articles and opinions and recommendations and conversations. The best lenses are extremely focused and interactive pages on a particular topic or slice of life and the web.
There are Google and display ads on each page, and the opportunity for you to sell products via Amazon, eBay, CafePress and other partner sites. That's how each page earns money.
We as a company (that us, the SquidooTeam) donate 5% of our revenue straight to charity.
We also give 50% of our revenue to our community, to the people who make our pages, distributed according to an algorithm that pays the highest quality lenses, the most.
Then our lensmasters decide what they want to do with the royalties they've earned.
They have the choice to keep the cash, or donate their royalties to any of our 100 (and growing) supported nonprofits.
As a group, the Squidoo community donates about $10,000 a month to a bunch of different charities, from the Acumen Fund to A Day of Hope to JDRF.
It's easy and free for any certified 501c3 organization to apply to become a Squidoo supported nonprofit. Supported nonprofits get the privilege of our community's attention and choice, and it's up to every individual lensmaster if and where she wants to donate her royalties every month.
It's also easy and free (and amazing powerful and woefully overlooked) for organizations to invite their volunteers, donors and friends to make pages, about anything, that automatically donate monthly royalties to their cause. The ASPCA once had thousands of their supporters make lenses about their pets, and those lenses are still donating royalties, every single month, for free.
Our Community Organizer, Kimberly, is in charge of our charity signup process. She's kind and quick and likes going above and beyond for the all-too-rare nonprofit groups that are eager to do more than the status quo.
Here is the official application page you should send to your favorite nonprofit organization if you want them to start exploring the benefits of being a Squidoo-supported org.
And yes, it's all free.

[via SquidBlog]

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